Since 1994, RESA has provided services in space soldering for major European leaders, laboratories and SMEs.

This experience has allowed RESA to become a first-order subcontractor in the space industry sector for the production of electronic boards, electronic control units and wire harnesses.

RESA has relevant experience in projects management that require the supervision of all production operations (inventory management, machine soldering, hand soldering, coating & bonding, testing, integration).

RESA is presently huge enough to produce resources covering the entire value stream:

  • Inventory management and procurement => Serial Number tracking system
  • Processes set up and tooling development => Integrated process engineering
  • Machine soldering and/or hand soldering => From single products to several hundred electronic boards
  • Coating and bonding => Dedicated stands to silicone and polyurethane varnishes
  • In-situ and functional test  => Dedicated testing rooms, test benches carried out by RESA or provided by customers
  • Integration of control units => Wide range of services









The expertise of RESA in the field of space production is recognized by its customers and space agencies (such as ESA, CNES) through know-how certifications, PID or specific customers qualifications.

RESA is qualified to prepare, manage and achieve requirements of customers and space agencies in conformity with ESA and customers standards.

RESA employs ESA certified operators and controllers.

  • More than 500m² cleanrooms
  • Computerized inventory management (storage in cleanroom under nitrogen or dry air)
  • 2 stands for gold removal / tinning / solder dipping components
  • 2 bending machines for flat pack to CQFP352
  • 1 SMC automatic production line (screen printing, pick & place, reflow)
  • 2 SMC semi-automatic production lines (solder paste dispensing, manual pick & place, reflow)
  • 1 soldering & repair machine for BGA, CGA and leadless components
  • 1 wave-soldering machine for through hole component
  • 40 hand soldering workstations
  • 3 coating workstations with silicone/polyurethane segregation
  • 1 thermal chamber for thermal cycling